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See information, including pictures from prior reunions.  We have had 10 reunions over the past 20 years.  We will always be shipmates.   

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Prior Reunions

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Sadly, we have learned of the passing of Plankowner Charles A. Leek, Chief USN Retired.  Charles served as a MM2 on the Mauna Kea during 1957-1958.  Charlie passed on July 5, 2020 at the age of 82.

He is survived by his wife of 46 years (Diane) and 2 children.  He was predeceased by one child.

He retired in 1974 after serving 20 years in the Navy.  He served as a Plankowner on many other ships after the Mauna Kea.  He worked at the Tampa shipyard in Florida until he retired from his civilian career.  He and Diane sold their home, bought an RV, and traveled the country for 34 years.  They also traveled through Europe and Central and South America, and also enjoyed several cruises.  They called Nevada home, but traveling was there life.  They were both certified scuba divers.  Charles also enjoyed fishing, flying remote controlled airplanes, and leather crafting.

Unfortunately, their last RV caught fire, and all was lost.  A few pictures survived, but were damaged.

In keeping with Charles’ wishes, Diane will scatter his ashes on the outgoing tide so he can keep traveling.  The same will be done with her ashes when her time comes so they can once again travel together.

…fair winds and following seas…   

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Our journey began in 1955, and we are still "Sailing..."

We will periodically highlight one of our shipmates. 

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LCDR Clayton "Ski" Novotney


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In Memoriam...


 Liberty Call 2018-  San Diego

Charles Leek,,  Plankowner
October 19, 1937- July 5, 2020


Our Shipmates

USS MAUNA KEA AE-22   Reunions

Due to the concerns and uncertainty created by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), a decision has been made to CANCEL the Mauna Kea Reunion  which was scheduled for October, 2020.   

This was a difficult decision for host Dennis and Colleen Thieme to make, but the Holiday Inn has not opened to groups larger than 10 people.  We would not be able to open the Hospitality Room, have our banquet, or go on a tour.

After the beginning of 2021, we will poll shipmates and try to plan a reunion for next year.  All, of course, will depend on the course of COVID-19.   We all look forward to getting back to some degree of normal.

Dick States will return any deposits you have paid.  You will be responsible for canceling your reservations with the Holiday Inn.  To do so, you can call  1-877-666-3243.