Barrilleaux,  Roland & Diane

Birch, Elwood & Lynn
Cannon, David & Susan

Cannon, Diane (guest of David Cannon)

Cardenas, Jose, Sr. & Jose, Jr.

Clark, Dan & Sharron
Clement, Paul &   Pamela Scholfield
Cummings, Jim
Dowd, Johnny & Judy

Farley, Jack & Mary Louise

Foss, Larry

Hall, Jim & Bill Henderson

Hight, Charlie

Hildebrand, Mike & Lois

Hollington, Dick & Sue

Hutchison, Greg and Jane

Jones, Bill & Nancy
Kellar, Tom & Janet

Kilmer, Bob & Hong

Kilmer guests

Lazzari, Tony & Diane
Letarte, Rich & Maryellen

McCain, Charlie & Lynda
Miller, Jerry & Maribeth

Moorehead, Becky (guest of Charlie McCain)

Mouton, Jerry & Gwen

Munn, Marion & Sylvia
Nadlicki, John & Sharon

Peach, David & Mellie

Pulis, Patrick

Rae, Dave

Robinson, Ric & Jan (guest of David Cannon-photographer)

Scott, Willie & Sandra

Shimkus, Wayne & Keron

Smith, Samuel (Smitty)
States, Dick & Sharon

Stowell, Warren & Linda

Sullivan, John
Thieme, Dennis &  Colleen

Thummel, Steve & Delita

Thummel, Bryce & Rachel (guest of Steve Thummel)

Woodward, Mark& Sara (guest of Jerry Mouton)

We Honored our MIA/POW's and our own Mauna Kea shipmates who have passed.  Thank you, Tony for your tribute.  Dick gave thanks for our ship, our shipmates, and our food.

We  recognized the fact that positive events are also happening with our shipmates, and there are "new beginnings" taking place.  We introduced our two newly-wed couples:  Marion and Sylvia Munn, and Dennis and Colleen Thieme.  We recognized the promotion of the son of Steve Thummel.  Chief Bryce Thummel will move to the Officer's dining room and will begin socializing at the Officer's Club in October when he is promoted to Ensign Bryce Thummel.



On May 4, 2017 the USS Mauna Kea docked at the Port of Charleston.  The crew proceeded to the Embassy Suites where we were based for 3 days of liberty. 

Liberty Call - Charleston, S. C.

We received those much-deserved Vietnam 50th Anniversary Commemorative pins from the Regional Director of the Veteran's Administration.  Thank you, Jerry, for helping make this happen.

USS MAUNA KEA AE-22   Reunions



We were introduced to the S. C. state dance - the Shag.  This dance was created in the Carolina's (at Ocean Drive, N. C.) and was originally danced barefoot in the sand.  Shagger's are serious competitors, and we had some recent 1st place winners in the SC Shag completion.  Thanks to the Islander's Shag Club for entertaining us with this exhibition.

Then we said "goodbye until San Diego - see you next time"...

And we danced...

The Electric Slide, the Charleston, and everything in between.

We honored our Hosts/Coordinators and Webmaster.

Susan & Diane Cannon

John Sullivan

Roland & Diane Barrilleaux

Rich & Maryellen Letarte

Elwood & Lynn Birch

Dennis & Colleen Thieme

Jack & Mary Louise Farley

Paul Clement & Pamela Scholfield

Dan & Sharron Clark

Jerry & Gwen Mouton

Larry Foss

Jim Cummings

John & Sharon Nadlicki

Danny & Debbie Tipton

Jim Hall 

Bill Henderson

David and Mellie Peach

Greg & Jane Hutchison

Bill & Nancy Jones

Tom & Janet Kellar

Dave Rae

Pat Pulis

Charlie Hight

Samuel (Smitty) Smith

Wayne & Keron Shinkus

Johnny & Judy Dowd

Charlie & Lynda McCain

Becky Moorehead (guest of Charlie & Lynda)

Ric  & Jan Robinson (guest of David Cannon)

​Dick & Sharon States

Mike &  Lois Hildebrand

Tony & Diane Lazzari

Bob Kilmer

Warren Stowell

​Mark Woodard

We visited with our shipmates in the Hospitality Suite, where we enjoyed snacks and beverages, watched video, purchased MK memorabilia at the Ships Store, and had more adult beverages.  Then we went to the Manager's Reception where we had more snacks and adult beverages...

Thanks to everyone who attended and made this reunion memorable.  We appreciate your help and your kind words

David and Susan Cannon, Hosts/Coordinators.

​We rode the bus to Patriots Point where we toured the Vietnam Experience, the Laffey, and the Yorktown.  We had lunch in the CPO Mess.  Then we went to the Historic District

We had cocktails, we ate, and we visited with our shipmates some more.